Acer Nitro XV3 Install Refresh Rate 240Hz

Acer unveiled its latest series of monitors on the Nitro series of gaming products, Nitro XV3. This gaming Monitor has been introduced to the IFA Berlin event. Nitro XV3 consists of four variants, with a target market of consumers who want a monitor at an affordable price. In addition to the gaming design, some of the advantages offered are NVIDIA G-Sync support.

Acer claims Nitro XV3 could adjust the refresh rate when connected with a PC using NVIDIA GTX 10 series and RTX graphics cards. The IPS Panel has a response time of up to 1 Ms. Plus a color palette of 99 percent sRGB. This gaming monitor Rumun supports a refresh rate of 240 Hz, varying depending on the series and the resolution installed.

Acer Nitro XV3 comes in four configurations. Two monitors 27 inches and two monitors 24.5 inches: Acer Nitro XV273U S 27-inch WQHD 165 Hz and Nitro XV273 X 27-inch Full HD 240 Hz as well as Acer Nitro XV253Q X 24.5-inch Full HD 240 Hz and Nitro XV253Q P 24.5-inch Full HD 144 Hz

All of these monitors feature Acer Game Mode, with eight preset display modes for different types of content: Action, Racing, Sport, User, Standard, ECO, Graphic and Movie. This feature can be accessed via a hotkey or On-Screen Display (OSD) Setting menu.

This Black boost-equipped Monitor allows gamers to choose from 11 black level options to optimize visual gains and clearly see the enemy, to bow to shelter, or to navigate curves on a racing track. The Acer Nitro XV3 series also has a stand designed with a round and a 20 degree tilt.

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