After GTA V, Now Civilization 6 Is Also Free in The Epic Games Store

Finally, the free game in Epic Games Store has changed from GTA V to Civilization 6. The game became the second AAA game to be shared for free and it is unfortunate to miss.

Civilization 6 is not just a game that presents the experience of building a civilization of every nation or country that players can choose. Players are also encouraged to be able to expand and conquer other nations.

Players are able to choose various nations or countries including Turkey. Every nation or country called a faction has its own characteristics and superiority. Here a turn-based strategy concept is applied.

The player not only competes in building civilization and conquering other peoples but also establishing good relations with other nations. The Cilivization Franchise has been popular since it was first released in 1991.

The sixth series was directed by Firaxis and marketed by 2K Games in 2016. This means that the game is four years old and reasonable when Epic Games Store shares for free like the actual GTA V PC version already released on 2015.

We rate this game can also be a medium to learn about the history of civilization while developing decision making in developing a nation.

Epic Games Store shared a free game Civilization 6 from today until May 28, 2020. In favor of the PC specifications needed to play, this game can be played quite lightly on PC or laptop nowadays as the game was released four years ago.

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