Announcement Game PS5 on June 11th, 2020

Although briefly postponed to honour anti-racism demonstrations in the United States, Sony will continue to hold a game list announcement event that will be present on PlayStation 5 (PS5) when it is released. Now they have already announced the latest date of this event.

Still through an official Twitter account @PlayStation Sony announced that the event titled “Future of Gaming ” will be announced on June 11, 2020 at 13.00 US time. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said the event will last more than an hour.

“The Game that will be present at PS5 will represent the best work in the industry from the most innovative studios around the world. Big Studio and small, new and old, all have worked hard to develop a game that will present the best performance of the console, “he said.

Based on the monitoring, so far some publishers and developers have already given a leak of the latest game titles that will be present in the latest generation consoles of Sony PlayStation. But all released a separate teaser.

So in this event gamers can see all the list of latest games in more detail from various game developers. Predicted all games will appear as closely as possible to claim that the PlayStation 5 consoles are much more sophisticated than their competitors, the Xbox Series X.

Last month, the game developer and engine maker Epic Games already showcased the visual video of Unreal Engine 5 which will provide support to all games for the PlayStation 5.

Seeing the visual qualities shown by Unreal Engine 5, it can be predicted that games on the PlayStation 5 will bring a new experience. The quality of the visuals is more tangible and looks like watching a movie.

This led Sony to promise the PlayStation 5 would bring a new experience compared to the PlayStation 4 that is now over six years of age. PlayStation 5 itself will rely on the same graphics card or GPU as the Xbox Series X, made by AMD.


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