Apple AirPods Studio Released Soon

Apple was launched soon to release an over-the-ear version of the headphone with the support of Noise Cancelling Technology, titled AirPods Studio. Previously, the device was expected to glide in the second half of this year from 2020.

The latest report, however, mentions that this device will glide before the first semester 2020 ends. Citing the GSM Arena, an analyst reveals that the Apple AirPods line supplier has initiated production from the new variant of the Studio.

This means that Apple will soon announce the device the most quickly in the coming month. Meanwhile, MacRumors mentioned that Apple will announce the new AirPods Studio at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference at the end of June.

However, Apple is expected not to change the focus of the event, so these headphones will be announced at different events. Rumors circulating so far indicate that AirPods Studio will be launched at a price of about USD349.

Apple AirPods Studio is also rumored to be available in different variants, consisting of headphones in premium leather materials and fabrics that are more suited to accompany the user while exercising.

Foam on the ear and an earcups connector is also reported to be replaced by magnetic clasp. Some sensors will also determine when a device is worn by a user, and change the audio channels from left to right when wearing them and vice versa.

Previously, Apple was rumored to equip the latest future AirPod with Ambient Light Sensors, aimed at monitoring data such as oxygen levels and heart rate. Apple has also reportedly provided a duty to its partner supplier, ASE Technology.

ASE Technologies is tasked with producing Ambient Light Sensors and it is concluded that it can be used to oversee the number of steps, head movements and interpret the user’s heartbeat.

Meanwhile, captions listed on a number of Apple AirPods Pro chassis now mention that the headphones were assembled in Vietnam, based on information uploaded by Twitter users and a number of reports from the MacRumors forum.

This indicates that Apple has begun to reduce reliance on manufacturing in China. Typically, AirPods Pro units embedded messages at the back of the chassis call the device assembled in China.

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