Apple Update MacBook Pro 13 with Switch Scissors

Apple has just announced the latest hardware update for its 13-inch MacBook Pro, delivering minor specification updates and changes to the keyboard that users have been loyal to.

GSM Arena reports that the most obvious changes to these hardware updates are on this 13-inch keyboard MacBook Pro. Now, the laptop is no longer using the butterfly switch, and replaced it with the new Magic Keyboard similar to other Apple laptops.

The Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch now uses the old version of scissors switches that are claimed to offer a better experience. Also, the device now has a physical ESC key, which differs from the previous version of the Touch button.

The basic internal storage space of the laptop is no longer carrying 128GB capacity, but 256GB. And this change was reported to have no impact on the initial selling price of the device, which is still at USD 1.299.

But with those prices on this new device, users will be able to enjoy an older version of the eighth generation Intel CPU support. To acquire a 13-inch MacBook Pro with the tenth-generation Intel chip set support, users have to spend more.

For MacBook Pro 13-inch with base model supported Core i5. 512GB SSD storage space. And 16GB RAM, consumers should spend more USD500 costs. While the model with a tenth generation comes with LPDDR4X 3733MHz 16GB memory as standard.

However, consumers can increase storage space capacity up to 4TB. In addition to the hardware changes, Apple did not change the 13-inch MacBook Pro in terms of design, and the device began to be marketed on May 4, but it began to be shipped most quickly earlier this week.

Previously, in response to the Covid-19 deployment, Apple had closed all of its stores around the world except in China. And with conditions in some countries having improved, Apple plans to reopen its first European store, in Vienna, Austria.

Tim Cook has stated that his company will reopen Apple stores in Austria and Australia in the near term. Cook hasn’t revealed the exact date of opening Apple retail stores in the two areas.

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