Asus Announces The Series of Z490 Motherboard Following the announce of Intel’s latest processor lineup of the 10th generation Core family, Asus has also released a lineup of Z490 chipset-based motherboards to support it.

Asus Intel Z490 chipset motherboards are presented to provide the best performance and the most complete features to support the highest 10th generation Intel Core processor series, such as the Intel Core I9-10900K.

Nevertheless. Asus will still be releasing the motherboard with the latest chipset Intel 400 Series, for example H470, B460, and H410. Specialized in Intel’s Z490 chipset lineup, Asus is releasing enough motherboards ranging from enthusiast or overclocker classes, gamers, to professionals.

In the family of the Asus ROG Maximus series are available ROG Maximus XII Extreme, ROG maximus XII Apex, ROG Maximus XII Formula and ROG Maximus XIII Hero (WiFi). This motherboard lineup comes with a specification that supports overclocking performance with the best cooling system.

Switching to a gamer segment that still enjoys the available overclocking performance of the ROG Strix Z490-E series and ROG Z490-F Gaming, ROG Strix Z490-I Gaming, ROG Strix Z490-H Gaming, ROG Strix Z490-A Gaming, and ROG Strix Z490-G Gaming (WiFi).

ROG Strix Series motherboards still have a sturdy, compelling look like the ROG Maximus series. The features are also still derived from the ROG Maximus series. The Asus ROG Strix series Motherboard comes with a variety of form factors.

Other Asus gaming Sub-Brands, TUF Gaming, also get chipse upgrades to Intel Z490. Asus introduces two series of motherboards: TUF Gaming Z490-Plus and TUF Gaming Z490-Plus WiFi. Both are designed to have the best durability with long life usage while supporting the highest gaming performance.

In the professional segment there is Asus ProArt Z490-Creator 10G. This Motherboard is intended for users of both content creators and professional developers. This Motherboard has features that support data transfer speeds ranging from Ethernet 10Gbps and Thunderbolt 3 Type-C.

Finally, there are two products to fill the gaming and professional segments of the Asus Prime series. Asus Prime Z490-P and Prime Z490M-Plus motherboards are offered here. Both come with full features to support the performance of the 10th generation Intel Core processors.

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