ASUS ExpertBook B9450, a Premium Business Laptop

Such a pandemic situation today requires us to be able to work optimally, even if they are not in the office alias at home. Automatic, working devices owned must support these needs. Especially for corporate employees who often make video calls for meetings digitally, requiring work devices such as a tight laptop, and the main ones safe to use.

Seeing the opportunity, ASUS introduced their latest business laptop series, ExpertBook B9450. This is a premium business laptop that is present for businessmen who are mobile and dynamic, even equipped with special features to support the needs of video conferencing. Through this device, ASUS provides solutions for consumers to run their business anywhere and anytime.

According to West Unified Communications release data, 54% of employees at large companies periodically conduct video conferencing. But in the implementation, there are some constraints especially in terms of the devices used, such as problems in privacy and security, poor audio, and connectivity problems.

Advantages of ASUS ExpertBook B9450

Jimmy Lin, ASUS Regional Director Southeast Asia said if a very dynamic business world demands every businessman to respond quicker in responding to each of their dynamics. It takes a device that is not only toned and easy to travel, but also able to accommodate business activities when out of office like video conference. “ASUS ExpertBook B9450 is specially designed to accommodate that, as it has been equipped with features that can make online meeting sessions more productive without interruption.”

ASUS ExpertBook B9450 has a very thin and portable design, has a 14-inch display even in the standard size body of a 13-inch laptop. Despite being made for businessmen, the design is no less beautiful like the ZenBook line, with a very thin screen bezel. And although the Bezelnya is thin, ASUS can still embed camera technology that is suitable for security support.

The camera on ASUS ExpertBook B9450 has HD resolution with IR camera, so it can be used for login needs with Windows Hello facial recognition. The camera also features a webcam shield, a.k.a. a physical slider cover for the security of the body. Users no longer need to paste stickers to make sure the webcam is completely closed.

In addition to the visual support for video conferencing, of course the sound quality is also very important. Presented with four special microphones with 360-degree sound capture, plus a noise-cancelling feature so that the sound around doesn’t interfere with a call session. The speakers on this ASUS business laptop have also been certified by Harman Kardon, coupled with Smart Amps Chip for frequency control to prevent damage to the speakers.

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