ASUS ZenScreen MB16A, Slim and Lightweight Portable Monitor

Using two screens can increase your productivity. However, it’s not an easy thing to do if you use a laptop. Luckily, ASUS provides ZenScreen, a portable screen that you can connect to your laptop as a second screen.

ZenScreen MB16A has a size of 15.6 inches with Full HD resolution. This portable Monitor made by ASUS has a compact design with a thin bezel. Apparently, the Taiwanese company does indeed carry a simple and elegant theme, just like the laptop line ZenBook.

With a thickness of 8mm and a weight of 780 grams, ZenScreen is fairly easy to carry on the go.

Unfortunately, the brightness level of this monitor is not very high. Indeed, you can use it to work or watch without any problems. However, if you compare the brightness of the monitor with the brightness of the laptop screen, then you will see that ZenScreen has a lower brightness.

That said, I can understand the reason ASUS makes the ZenScreen’s brightness not too high, which saves your laptop’s battery.

ASUS completes ZenScreen with a collapsible cover as a screen support. This monitor Cover can be folded into three different shapes. One thing I have to do is because folding this cover is a bit tricky.

The first time I tried to install the ZenScreen cover, I had to look at the guide many times. This Cover can be folded to make the screen stand either in horizontal or vertical position.

In addition to the cover, ASUS also complements ZenScreen with a pen. I had thought the pen was a stylus and ZenScreen was a touch-screen monitor. But I was wrong. The pen is a regular pen that can be used to call the ZenScreen. This helps you who don’t bother to set up a cover to be a backup place.

In terms of design, ZenScreen has a simple look. This Monitor has only three physical buttons on the bottom. The Power button is located at the bottom right, close to the hole to insert the pen while the two buttons on the left can be used to adjust the screen settings.

One of the things I love about ZenScreen is that it’s rich in fashion. You can adjust the mode of this monitor to what you are doing. Some of the existing modes include, Theater Mode, sRGB Mode, Game Mode and Reading Mode.

Not to stop there, ASUS also completes its portable monitor with four Blue Light filters. That way, you can make sure that the light from the screen won’t make your eyes get tired quickly.

ASUS also complements ZenScreen with several features for gaming, such as timers and crosshair. ZenScreen can connect to your laptop via USB Type-C port. Fortunately, ASUS completes it with an adapter so you can pair it to a laptop that doesn’t have a USB Type-C port.

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