Easy Steps to Unlock Your Android Phone’s Secure Folder

Android phones have a safe Folder feature for users to store in those folders so that they don’t easily know others. The secure Folder generally has a pattern or PIN to access it. It could make the user forget the PIN or pattern, so it can’t access it again.

Reported from Make Tech Easier, here’s how to unlock safe folders on your Android phone:

  • If a user can’t access safe Folder, the user can use a third-party app called Quick Shortcut Maker.
  • This app is highly recommended because it is safe to use and works on all Android devices. It has many other features to find the hidden menus that may be locked by the operator.
  • After downloading the app, navigate to the File options. Scroll down and users can see the safe Folder view in the phone. Depending on whether the user chooses to use a pattern or PIN to secure the file, select the option that applies to the user.
  • In the last step, click Try to unlock the folder. The user must enter a pattern or PIN that is used to create the secure Folder again. If the user forgot the pattern or PIN, there should be a help option on the menu.
  • Files that are hidden in the safe have been identified and can be easily moved to another folder. Users can also change their secure password or switch to biometric security in settings.

The steps above are a safe way to open a locked folder on your Android, stay cautious when you open it

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