Epic Games: SSD PS5 Faster Than Current PC!

Tim Sweeney, the Founder and CEO of Epic Games, expressed that the capability of the PS5 SSD (Solid State Drive Playstation 5) has better capabilities than the current SSD PC. The statement presents an analysis of which is actually more powerful between the two latest next-gen consoles, PS5 or Xbox X.

The graphical improvements between consoles in each generation are commonly found. With the biggest leap of course happened at the time of the birth of Playstation 2. With polygon capabilities much better than on first generation Playstation.

It will also happen on the Playstation 5. Sweeney says that Sony is making a breakthrough on the more fundamental thing. Especially on increasing multi-order bandwidth and reduction of latency on memory storage space.

SSD read capability PS5 up to 5GB per second
Some time ago, in March 2020, before the release of the demo Unreal Engine 5 presentation was so amazing. Sony has revealed that they will be using a custom SSD on the PS5 console. With great bandwidth capability.

Sony’s least targeted PS5 SSD capability will result in up to 5GB per second reading capability. The spike is very much compared to the current PS4’s hard drive, with 50-100 MB per second capability.

Such abilities can quickly alter the loading and streaming capabilities of the game itself. “It’s not just a lot of polygons and memory. It’s also a lot of polygons loaded on each frame as it goes through the environment and details like this, which is unlikely to go through without a breakthrough from Sony, “Sweeney says.

Sweeney’s comments seem to mean demonstrating that what we see in the demo show Unreal Engine 5 can only be achieved thanks to the breakthrough from Sony. Because the impression is a live demo using the performance of a Playstation 5 device that has not been released yet.

Sweeney eventually confirmed that Sony’s PS5 SSD architecture was far ahead, “from an SSD solution that you can buy for the current PC. And it is nice to see the console push further the capabilities of the high-end PC in this way, “Sweeney said, quoted from IGN.com.

SSD PS5 eliminates Loading Time
Such massive PS5 SSD capabilities and upgrades will ultimately make the gaming experience even more enhanced. Not only the visual quality through the lighting and the polygons are increasingly meeting. There is a chance to enjoy the smoother gaming flow in each part.

Playstation 5 can eliminate loading time when migrations from one place space to another. As is the case with Unreal Engine 5 demo, when the figure moves from the cave to the outer space smoothly. To then immediately perform a different action.

Sony is also late releasing several parts of PS5 among them AMD Zen 2-based CPU with 8 cores at 3.5 GHz, 16GB of GDDR6 memory, and rDNA 2 AMD GPU that puts out 10.28 tflops of processing power.

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