FaceApp Viral Again, Here’s How To Use It

The FaceApp app had been popular in 2019 and was again discussed by Indonesian Internet users, after the hashtag appeared titled “Oplas Challenge” (Plastic Surgery Challenge) on Social media. This Android and iOS app allows users to change faces virtually.

In mid-2019, the application also became the lips of the society due to its ability to change faces in self-portraits so that as if the people in the photograph were aging, even though it was only digitally.

In addition, the application that has been available since 2017 years ago also had a lot of people to make a wild because it is able to change male objects on photos to women and vice versa. To be able to experience the fun this app offers, here are the steps you need to take.

1. Download the app from the Play Store or App Store

2. Open the app, then give permission to access the gallery and select the photo you want to change.
But when choosing a photo, we advise you to choose a photo with a vivid overall face view.

3. Go to Edit Menu
In this menu, you are presented with three editors, namely Editor, Fun and Layouts, which makes it possible to create a number of app filters.

In the first few categories in the Editor menu, the app only provides about one free filter, while the rest is a filter for pro users, the paid version user mentions. The categories include smile, beard and breathers, gender, hair models, age to makeup.
Faceapp filters
In the Fun menu, you will be presented with a filter that has been set to change the face of the photo according to the preset. Unfortunately, again most of these filters are intended for paid users, and filters for users of free version are limited.

But in the filters in this Fun menu, you’re given quick access to share your creations directly to Instagram. Meanwhile, in the Layouts menu, you can compose your creations ‘ photos into the order or layout you can choose at the bottom of the screen.

The five layout options available in this menu can be used even if it’s not a paid user.

5. Once you’re satisfied with your creations, save your work by clicking the down arrow icon in the upper-right corner, or the point icon is connected by a line to share it directly to various media, even after it’s delivered, the image remains stored in your device’s gallery.

Good luck!

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