Google Send 7.2 Million Smartphone Units During 2019

The latest IDC report mentions that Google had a good period during 2019 years ago, by shipping as many as 7.2 million smartphone units. This amount is increased compared to the year 2018, noting growth of 58 percent.

Nevertheless, this achievement of Google rated GSM Arena is still not enough to be able to enter the list of 10 global smartphone manufacturers, if the assessment is based on the number of smartphone unit shipment.

This information may be surprising, given that in previous reports the Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 sold in fewer units compared to the first two quarters of its availability when compared to Pixel 3 in the same period.

Last year, Google has also broadened the coverage of its Pixel device sales area to three new markets. And although the number of mobile phone sales during 2019 is less when compared to Pixel 3, but this number is rated more stable.

The shipment number of Google smartphones is still not able to pursue the big names of smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei or Xiaomi. At least, Google’s smartphone sales are experiencing significant growth.

Previously, Google announced that the iOS and Android versions of the Maps app will receive updates that allow users to first find information regarding bus or train density, or the limitations of the transportation itinerary.

This Update is part of Google’s help in stopping the spread of the current pandemic. Google calls service workers who don’t allow them to work at home needing this information to be able to reach their job site.

Meanwhile, enliven the World Environment Day, Google has said that technology can also be used to help protect biodiversity in the world, especially from extinction threats.

One of them is to protect marine species by utilizing cloud computing technology, as Google has done since 2016. Meanwhile, Google has cancelled job offers to thousands of temporary workers and contracts at various locations around the world.

The worker was reportedly a candidate whom Google would previously be appointed as a clerk. In an email sent to the recruitment company, Google admitted to slowing the recruitment and investment phases, and not going to have a lot of new workers as planned in the early 2020 last year.

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