Here’s the Sighting of Controller PS5, DualSense

The presence of Sony’s latest gneration console, the PlayStation 5, finally took part in transforming the design of the controllers that have been known to be familiar as DualShock. Last night Sony showcased their latest controller device named DualSense

This information was submitted by Sony PlayStation through their official blog. The design and interface of DualSense itself looks not much different than DualShock. But the device comes with a very fresh white dominant color.

Generally, the dominant color will represent the color of the console. So it’s conceivable that the PlayStation 5 Kosol (PS5) will be present with white as the standard version, instead of being black like the previous generation. So far the Sony’s own party is still not willing to reveal the design of the PlayStation 5.

Sony mentioned that Dual Sense is also still carrying the wireless game controller. They claimed that the design was still inspired by the DualShock 4 that was introduced with the PlayStation 4 in 2013. The features brought by DualSense also turned out to be still in accordance with rumors circulating earlier.

Haptic feedback feature or more detailed vibration effect with varying intensity. The user will feel the difference when the car in the game is driving on the asphalt and on the muddy road. Then the adaptive trigger in the L2 DNA R2 button is very precise as it feels the moment of the character inside the exciting game bow arrow.

“Based on our discussion with developers, we found that the experience of touching inside a game is not a focus in the games like the audio experience. Now we have the opportunity to innovate with the game makers at PS5 to explore the ability to create a more real experience, “writes Sony.

Sony acknowledged that they redesigned the controller of the previous generation with the new features mentioned above. The challenge is how to pair the trigger and actuator without making the design or size of the button do not become large, including the slope of the button tilt angle.

It is also claimed that the battery’s power controller is DualSenses in PS5 and has a lighter weight than the next generation. Then in the button Sony switches the Share button to Create mentioned will be available more features to produce content or capture the moment in the game.

The DualSense Controller also now comes with a built-in microphone for communication features. The display of the light bar is also changed no longer in the front position but between the touchpad which is now a much wider touch area.


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