Intel Releases 10th Generation Core H-Series for Laptops Intel made the latest announcement by releasing processors in mobile segments that will drive the presence of the latest laptops from various brands. Intel introduces its 10th Gen Intel Core Family H-Series.

The 10th gen Intel Core H-Series is known as the latest processor product lineup that has been able to provide speed performance up to 5GHz. Its presence for the laptop segment will increase the excitement of the Gaminng laptop and the content of power-thirsty creators.

“The introduction of the 10th Gen Intel Core H-Series mobile Platform today presents desktop-equivalent computing performance on mobile device categories,” said GM Premium and Gaming Laptop Segments Intel, Fredrik Hamberger.

He mentioned that this processor will be used on 100 laptop designs of various brands including 30 of which are thin and lightweight laptops. That means Intel will contribute to raising gaming laptops standards and higher content creators.

The 10th Gen Intel Core Family of H-Series processors comes with configurations ranging from 8-core/16-thread, 6-core/12-thread, and 4-core/8-thread. In Total, there are six new processor units that are the three series, namely Intel Core-9, Core-i7, and Core-i5.

Intel Core I9-10980HK is the highest variant in terms of performance. It offers 8-core/16-thread with a turbo clock speed of 5, 3Ghz as well as Intel Smart Cache features 16MB. Compared to PC devices three years ago, performance could offer higher performance.

The number of frames per second can be high Lebi 54 percent in game play in the Test Berman game Red Dead Redemption 2 dcompare Intel Core i7-7920HQ. Its overall performance is also 44 percent better than the Intel Core i7-7820HK in SYSMark 2018 testing.

The Intel Core I9-10980HK processor rendering capability is also capable of providing two times faster file rendering and export to 4K video than Intel Core i7-7820HK.

The 10th Intel Core Generas Processor Family H-Seres also features several features, such as Intel WiFi 6 AX201 for more three times faster Internet connectivity with low latency. Then there is the Intel Turbo Bost Max Technology 3.0 feature.

Intel also provides performance support features such as Intel Adaptix Dynamic Tuning Technology and Intel Extreme Tuning Utility for automatic performance optimization. There is Intel Speed Optimizer for one-click Overclocking method.

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