Is This The Appearance of Xiaomi Folding Screen Phones?

Some time ago, one of Xiaomi’s bosses, Lin Bin showcased a short video of Xiaomi folding screen sightings.

Initially, the operated devices are shaped as tablet. Then Lin Bin folded the device in three parts so it became the size of the smartphone.

It also shows the face and back of the device while in smartphone mode. The Video is enough to be let’s Go Digital, a Dutch gadget site to create a 3D rendering of Xiaomi folding screen phones.

Render is tailored to the device picture in Lin Bin’s video. When the screen is stretched, the device is still a very slim tablet with a fairly thin screen frame.

Then, when the tablet is in landscape or horizontal position, the right and left side can be folded, leaving the center of the smartphone. It is not yet known how many screens are tablet-sized and on smartphones.

However, while in smartphone mode, the screen size is relatively short and wide. Seen from rendering, the device is not too thick when folded.

The power button can be found on the top side when the device is in smartphone mode, while the bottom is used as a USB Type-C home.
The MIUI interface for this device is unique in that it can rotate and adjust its appearance to the size of the device.

One thing that’s still a question is the camera sector that doesn’t appear in the video. Xiaomi has not explained how the fate of front and back cameras are covered partially folded screens.

It could be Xiaomi to embed the camera sensors under the screen, although there is currently no vendor that actually launches such innovations.

Compiled from Let’s Go Digital, Wednesday (13/2/2019), Xiaomi folding phones are still in the development phase. Likely the new device will be released in the second half of 2019.

Xiaomi calls that the folding mechanism and the MIUI interface for its mobile phones are developed by the Xiaomi Research and development team itself. As for the screen fold, Xiaomi cooperates with other partners.

“Every innovation is the result of a team of R&D and upgrades from supplier partners as well as device manufacturers,” said Xoami.

There are two candidate names that have been called Lin Bin for this device, namely Xiaomi Dual Flex and Xiaomi Mix Flex. Lin Bin said there is a plan to produce the mass of this folding screen phone if it gets a positive response from the Mi Fans online.

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