Kingston Got NVMe SSD Eenterprise, Capacity 7, 6TB

Kingston’s data storage hardware company announces its latest product for its enterprise or enterprise segment. They release NVMe SSD enterprise-class devices with large capacities.

Kingston released the latest series NVMe SSD Kingston DC1000M. This product has a capacity variant ranging from 960GB to 7, 68TB. Because of its performance, this device already has data transfer speeds that meet the needs of the enterprise.

Kingston DC1000M has support for Gen 3.0 X4 PCIe NVMe with 540k IOPS performance in random read and transfer speeds of up to 3gbps. Its power consumption is also claimed to be lower than 6w.

The device has a power consumption below 6W in idle state and increases between 9, 8W and 17, 9W when performing data writing. Its power consumption increases with working bebran. This device relies on 16-channel controller features.

Kingston DC1000M uses the artificial TLC flash memory Toshiba Kioxia 64-layer BiCS3 3D instead of the 96-layer NAND component which is better in the game. However, this way can suppress the price of this product remains cheap, quoted from ZDnet.

“Mission-critical level services and cloud-based applications depend not only on the IOPS speed and bandwidth it has but also the consistency and ability to predict the desired data, ” Kingston’s Manager Enterprise SSD, Keith Schimmenti said.

“Kingston DC1000M provides stable and low latency performance adjusting the development needs of data center while supporting the working Bebean that requires the durability of one drive write per day, ” he explained.

Also mentioned is that Kingston DC1000M features Power Loss Protection. This feature can prevent data loss or corrupt due to power failure or power failure.

Kingston claims this product is suitable for application use in platform virtualization, high-performance cloud service, and web hosting caching. Kingston DC1000M comes with a choice of capacities 960GB, 1, 92TB, 3, 84TB, and 7, 68TB.

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