New Chassis Leak Samsung Galaxy Note 20 +

Leaked information flashed the duo of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has been circulating on the Internet over the last few months, featuring a clearer picture of the design that this smartphone has carried.

In the present, Ice Universe Leakster shares another phone’s chassis image, claimed to be the chassis for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 line, confirming the design and some more detailed information relating to the location of functional elements, such as the GSM Arena report.

This image displays the chassis for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 + with five holes on the back. This is not a new thing, as leaked information has already indicated that Samsung’s new flagship smartphone will come with three rear cameras.

Thus, the other two holes in the chassis are intended for ToF sensors and LED flash lamps. Meanwhile, the bottom image of the chassis features four holes, one for the microphone, one for the connector, one for the speaker and another for the S Pen.

The main change of the previous generation Galaxy Note line phone is the S Pen move slot to the left. This is expected as a result of changing the volume button embedding position and the power button, or due to changes in the phone’s internal design.

Previously, Samsung had registered the Galaxy Note 20 Plus in Compulsory Certificate, known as CCC in China. This public process confirms mobile phone information, model numbers, next-generation connectivity and charging capabilities.

Samsung’s CCC document unveils the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus carrying the model number SM-N986.

As a reminder, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus carries the model number SM-N975. The official Smartphone companion document states that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus will be supported by 5G connectivity.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is also reported to be carrying a battery capacity of 4,500 mAh, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in April is reportedly going to carry a battery of 4,000 mAh. The device will be powered by 25W and 45W powered battery charging technology.

Meanwhile, Samsung re-released a new variant of the Galaxy A31 with a larger RAM capacity of 8GB. Samsung has also been presenting the Galaxy A31 with 6GB of RAM support in early May 2020 then.

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