Newly Released, Draw Joust! Become a Popular Game on Android

Draw Joust Game! Offer an absurd yet compelling mission.

If you want to play Android games with simple game play but still hone your brain, Draw Joust! Can be an interesting option. Just skate, Draw Joust! has become one of the most popular games on Android.

Draw Joust! Of the touristic of VOODOO really displays the mission absurd yet interesting to play.

Launched on 07 April 2020, Draw Joust! has been downloaded more than 10 million times in just about two months.

A very good record for the latest games that can occupy the Top Chart in the Play Store.

First week in June 2020, Draw Joust! Occupy the position of 6 free games on Android.

This Android Game is quite light because we only need to set up 43 MB of memory to download it the first time.

Just as the name suggests, we will be given a mission to do “Joust “.

It was a kind of fight and sport for medieval knights, where they would face each other with horses speeding in opposite directions.

There is no horse in this game, but we have to draw a vehicle in exchange for the “Joust ” event.

Draw Joust! including Android offline games so we can play them even if the data packets are off.

The only obstacle in game play is that too many ads are presented when we complete 2 to 3 chapters.

To drive an ad, we have to pay USD 4 on the Setting > Remove Ads menu.

Easy hard, we are asked to push the enemy or stab the enemy character so that they die and hit the sea next to it.

During the drawing phase, we will be presented with 4 special menus namely Ink, Power, Health, and Offline Earnings.

To reinforce the four things above, we have to win a lot of games to collect Gold. In addition to winning the game, we can watch ads to multiply Gold.

The tips are very simple, you have to pay attention to the shape of the vehicle to the enemy character position.

You can draw and position knives or weapons right towards the enemy so that the enemy can die in Critical position.

But we can also draw the vehicle as strong as possible by paying attention and utilizing the bar Power, Health and also Ink.

The design of vehicles that you draw greatly determines the victory in the arena. To move the vehicle when you meet the enemy, we just need to press and swipe towards the right.

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