Official Glide, Minecraft Dungeons Feels Like Diablo First announced at a conference in the year 2018 by Mojang, finally the latest franchise from the Minecraft game Minecraft Dungeons has officially slid. That is, it took me two years to menyempurnnakan this game.

Hadi in the game world that uses the concept of Minecraft, the game Minecraft Dungeons with clearly claimed Mojang takes the concept of dungeon crawlers gameplay from classic games for example Diablo games. So the elements and concepts of gameplay here will be very friendly to gamers.

On its official website, Mojang announces Minecraft Dungeons release on all platforms, from PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Gameplay here supports multiplayer for up to four players at once.

All players can play online or sit together using local connections such as LAN. Here each player will use a character with varying abilities typical of the game genre RPG.

For example, characters with close-range combat styles use melee weapons, as well as physical long-distance weapons or magic attacks. Players can also have a tank type character that has a thicker endurance or armour.

Each character can be personalised and the weapons used can be robed or upgraded to create an increasingly powerful attack. Looking at the quality of the graphics of Minecraft Dungeons from the gameplay videos presented, the Minecraft world clearly in this game is given an additional finish.

This game presents the point of view and visual effects of the typical RPG dungeon type Crawler games that are already very popular like in other games of the MMORPG genre. Unfortunately, unlike Minecraft Pocket Edition. Minecraft Dungeons will not be present for mobile, both Android and iOS.


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