Oppo Adapts Manga Evangelion to Smartphone Design

Oppo’s efforts captivate anime or manga fans (Evangelion) to have their smartphones highly rated. After briefly releasing Oppo Reno Ace with the design of Gundam themed last year, it is now returning a similar idea to the Reno Ace 2 smartphone.

Oppo Reno Ace 2 is re-released with a limited edition with the Evangelion theme. The famous Japanese Mecha anime was adopted into this smartphone design and makes it very appealing and different from other vendor-made smartphones.

The Oppo Reno Ace 2 Evangelion is inspired by the Evangelion Unit-01 mecha that has a light purple and green base (fluorescent). Not half-hearted, Oppo looks carefully designed outside of this smartphone in order to position both colors.

For example a green-coloured button is included in the back of the body to the rear camera frame. This design is not only in the device but also accessories to the packaging outside of the sales package inspired by the pod where the robot or the Evangelion mecha is saved.

In the accessory section, the cover case of Oppo Reno Ace 2 Evangelion is much more interesting because it has a curve and a line that makes it look like the body of a robot. The needle to open the SIM tray is also designed like Spear of Longinus in the game.

The Evangelion design also inspires earbuds and chargers inside. The wireless Charger for Oppo Reno Ace 2 Evangelion also has a similar design as that of the robot’s launchpad in the original manga.

Oppo Evangelion

Just like the Oppo Reno Ace Gundam Edition, the Oppo Reno Ace 2 Evangelion Edition is also limited in release. When the version of Gundam was produced in 30,000 units, Evangelion version is only available only 10,000 units and unfortunately so far only marketed in China.

In favor of the specification, Oppo Reno Ace 2 Evangelion Edition is still the same as the regular version. The Smartphone is powered by Snapdragon 865 with a choice of 8GB and 12GB RAM as well as 128GB and 256GB internal memory.

The back of the four 48MP + 8MP + 2MP Seta-capable cameras on the front camera provide a 16MP sensor on the upper left corner of the screen. The screen has a 6.5 inch AMOLED size with 90Hz refresh rate.

The battery has a capacity of 4,000 mAh with fast charging both wired and wireless. On wireless charging is available 40W power support so claimed to be fully charged in less than an hour.

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