Free Oppo TWS Earphones Review

The True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Oppo earphones are currently ascending. TWS become accessories that are quite much in demand because it is practical to use. Some smartphone vendors would not want to release their TWS.

One of them is Oppo which introduces its first TWS, Enco Free earphone. Encro Free has been officially sold in Indonesia with the price of Rp 1,599,000 (USD 110)

Design design is a plus point for Enco Free. The case body looks fancy, not cheap. The first time you try, this pair of Enco Free earphones is instantly attached to the ear.

The earphone head is not very large or small and comfortable enough to install.

The weight is mild, so it does not make the ears sore or even feel dizzy when used to linger.

Moreover, the material is not slippery so it is not easy to uninstall when used while doing many movements, such as exercising.

In the packing box, Oppo provides a built-in spare eartips of M and L. Eartips that are in the device size S. As far as it is tried, each eartips provides a different audio experience.

Eartips size M For example, giving the bass a thicker sound than the S eartips. The user can replace this eartips at any time at will, adapted to the music being listened and the user’s ear size.

Practical Controls Enco Free is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. TWS is compatible for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Connecting it to a device like a smartphone or laptop is easy and does not take long. When a device has been connected to one another, Enco Free is automatically connected when the casing lid is opened.

However, the connection is slightly less stable. When asked for a walk at a certain distance, the connection is stuck so that the resulting sound is intermittent.

Further, approximately seven meters, the connector is completely disconnected. A pretty interesting feature is the touch control or touch controls. The touch control Area is characterized by a gray line in the left earphone.

With these features, the volume can be easily adjusted. Swiping the grey area upwards will raise the volume, instead sliding it downwards will shrink it.

Users can also stop and play music by tapping the touch control area twice. The same way can also be used to answer and end a phone call.

When one of the earphones is removed, the music stops automatically. Unfortunately, the music isn’t instantly autoplay again when both earphones are re-installed. Audio output as a whole, the sound of Enco Free is clear and clear.

However, the resulting sound feels lacking in. It may be because the bass produced sounds a bit “thin ” even though it already replaces the eartips to a larger size. Oppo also completes TWS with AI noise reduction, which can reduce noise disturbance from the outside.

As far as it feels, this feature is quite successful to dampen the sound from outside. That is, it does not necessarily make the user in no way hear the sound around him.

A pair of earphones equipped with a battery capacity of 31 mAh while the casing has a battery capacity of 410 mAh. As a matter of durability, Oppo claims Enco Free can last up to five hours with a volume of 50 percent.

But as far as we try, the earphones can last with a duration of 3-4 hours non-stop listening time. But these results may differ depending on how many percent of the volume is set.

For the casing itself, more or less can last a day in one charge. Enco Free batteries can be monitored through the indicator light located at the front of the casing body.

The indicator light flashes red if the battery is low, yellow when the battery is in, and green if the battery is full. When the earphones are stored inside, the indicator light shows the battery status of the earphones.

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