PlayStation 5 Price Has Been Known, How Much?

Rumors of the presence of PlayStation 5 (PS5) continue to circulate and the latest is the price of the latest generation consoles. It was reported that on the internet had leaked prices posted for pre-orders or order.

It is not known whether the price shown is correct or not but this information is obtained from retail in Canada. Retail named Play N Trade Vancouver Island has opened a booking for the PlayStation 5.

The price listed by this retail store is about USD396, quoted from the site Tom’s Guide. Many of the parties who respond to this information mention that the price is much cheaper than when the PlayStation 4 was released.

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) price at the time of release was around USD399. The retail store also posted approximate release date around the end of Quarter 2020. Rumors previously did mention that PS5 will be released during the Christmas holiday season this year.

The alleged allegations related to the price are Play N Trade Vancouver Island Retail actually don’t know the exact price of the PlayStation 5. Retail will add its price when it is definitely known.

At least the consumer who already booked will be able to get earlier the console. Another prediction rate that this cheap price is the possibility of Sony competing with Xbox Series X from Microsoft.

In the past, Sony also installed a $100 cheaper price for the PlayStation 4 compared to the Xbox One when it launched. It’s quite effective to make the PS4 console still more bestselling than the Xbox One.

Currently PlayStation fans are still continuously made curious about the form of the undisclosed PS5 Sony. The Sony has confirmed that PS5 will still be able to play PS4 games.

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