Released 2020, Project Cars 3 Uncover New Features

Project Cars 3, has been officially announced complete with its latest video trailer. This car racing Game also offers quite interesting new features.

As is known, Project cars ‘ car racing games franchise has so many fans. Especially the fans of racing simulation games with realistic graphics.

No wonder Project Cars 3’s presence has been awaited. Until finally, Bandai Namco officially unveiled this Project Cars 3 trailer video.

In this video trailer, Slightly Mad Studios has not yet revealed in detail from the car racing games.

However, from the video trailer of Project Cars 3, more shares of the cinematic and racing atmosphere of Bandai Namco’s new game.

Quoted from PC Gamer, Slightly Mad Studios reworked career mode from scratch to give a better sensation of the process.

The sense of RPG is increasingly noticeably in this career mode, from the available 10 car classes, also having to collect XP from each where the player goes, which will later unlock new upgrades and events.

Of course, players can spend their money on car upgrades in Project Cars 3. Interestingly the currency in this game is generated from play, not microtransactions.

The most recent news, the car’s kustumisasi brought back even wider. The Kustumisasi in this car racing game is more radical.

From replacing new machines, exhaust or exhaust, suspension, to many other parts of the car that can be dikustumisasi.

Project Cars 3 also offers multiplayer features. The feature is a big part of the franchise. There are now three ways to play.

Quick Play that will quickly place players in races using skill-based matchmaking systems.

There is also a Scheduled Event which is a race title that has been scheduled in advance by the developer. There is also a Custom Lobby mode that is so unique to this car racing game.

With the Custom Lobby mode, we are offered a sandbox game with weather, car and self-customizable tracks.

There’s also the Rivals mode, which is an asynchronous multiplayer that competes against each other and rewards certain.

Developers set up special events from daily, weekly, to monthly. Players will compete against each other to earn points up to topping the leaderboard.

Bandai Namco himself scheduled Project Cars 3 will be sliding in the summer of this year. Do you await the presence of this car racing game?

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