Samsung Galaxy A11, Premium Design with Durable Battery

The entry level class smartphone market is a lucrative realm for producers, as this class has a considerable amount of potential consumers.

It is also this by Samsung that has never released its focus from this market segment, by presenting a number of its work products. Samsung is becoming one of the producers who are classified in presenting products in this class, in addition to producers from China.

To make young people the focus of most of his products, Samsung presents its latest smartphone in this entry level class in the homeland some time ago, namely Galaxy A11.

The successor to the Galaxy A10 is not only an attractive design, but also a number of other advantages that Samsung claims to be suitable for young people or young people. Here’s the explanation.

As an entry level device, it is not surprising that Samsung does not present the raw materials of other similar premium body series, especially the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series. Nonetheless, the elegant impression we still find when staring at and grasping this smartphone.

Samsung presents the Galaxy A11 in a plastic material wrap on the back which may impress the clutter when tapping. But this does not reduce the sense of comfort and steady when carrying it.

The comfortable impression presented by this smartphone also thanks to the absence of sharp-pointed side. Samsung Galaxy A11 comes with rounded corners on each side and four corners of the phone body, aligned with the palm shape when grasping.

Not only is it convenient, the back body of the smartphone also looks beautiful thanks to the material wrap with a similar touch of glitter, which poses a sparkling effect when the light is forged. It is only because it carries plastic material, the back of the body is vulnerable to fingerprint stains.

Therefore, you need to be a little more careful and more diligent in cleaning the back to maintain its beauty. In addition, Samsung also presents the Galaxy A11 with a new screen design among his entry level devices.

The previous generation of Samsung Galaxy A comes with a screen design titled Infinity-V, a pony screen design with a section of bangs that is just the front camera embedding location.

While the Samsung Galaxy A11 comes with a screen design titled Infinity-O, similar to a premium model smartphone by Samsung. This design is presumably a design that Samsung also applied on the series of smartphones output 2020 works.

Unlike the premium series devices, Samsung’s entry-level and medium-sized smartphones, including the Galaxy A11, come with a hole in the screen for the front camera embedded in the top left corner of the screen, while the premium series is generally embedded in the top center of the screen.

Perhaps for some consumers, including us, it takes longer habituation time, considering it’s new. In addition, the camera’s position is slightly difficult to see when shooting with a front camera aspect ratio other than Full.

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