Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will have Fast Charging 25W

Samsung is preparing for a new folding smartphone titled Galaxy Fold 2, and according to documents at the China 3C regulator, the smartphone will be powered by a 25W fast charging technology.

Citing the GSM Arena, the documents for smartphones that include the SM-F9160 model number confirm the support of 5G network connectivity, in line with information that previously circulated widely on the Internet.

25W’s fast-paced charging technology is not new to Samsung, as the South Korean company first built it on the Galaxy S10 5G which was released in February 2019 then, followed by the Galaxy Note 10 line.

Now this 25W charging technology has become the Samsung standard for its flagship segment smartphones. Some Samsung phones come with 45W charging technology support, which is not included in the Sales packaging box.

In addition, this 25W powered technology is also an improvement when compared to the first generation Samsung Galaxy Fold. As a reminder, Samsung’s first-generation smartphone flexibly sailing is backed up by 15W wired and wireless charging technology.

However, the first generation Samsung Galaxy Fold also supported reverse charging technology, allowing the phone to act as a powerbank, but with 9W power. This second-generation Samsung Galaxy Fold is also expected to be armed with new camera technology.

In addition, the phone is also called to be supported by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset and a similar line notification screen Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. However, the phone was prepared to be introduced on August 5, next.

However, the new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be available in the market in the coming September with a limited supply amount.

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