Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 News

Similar to Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 has been armed with the hardware needed to perform an ECG reading. However, this feature requires a number of additional permissions from regulatory bodies around the world so features can work.

GSM Arena reports that Samsung’s latest smartwatch finally got permission from South Korea’s Food and Drug Safety Agency. Apple Watch must also go through a similar process in some regions around the world and take a long time.

In an upload on his official blog, Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Watch Active2 is finally getting an ECG certificate in its home country, and will roll out updates to consumers in South Korea in Q3 this year.

Unfortunately, these watches still have to go through the approval process on other government agencies in Europe, the United States, and other countries in Asia. And with the current pandemic, the process will take longer than the prediction.

Previously, according to one of the famous Samsung leaksters, the Galaxy Note 20 series would not be supported by the 100x Zoom feature, as it supports the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Not very impressive in terms of quality, this feature is quite impressive because it is not owned by other smartphones.

Samsung is expected to be unexcited by public acceptance of the innovative features of this work, thus deciding not to deliver it back to the latest flagship device. Samsung decided to equip the Galaxy Note 20 line with a simpler telephoto unit.

In the meantime, Strategy Analytics ‘ Recent research mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy A51 was the world’s best-selling Android smartphone model during the first quarter of 2020. The smartphone is shipped with six million units worldwide.

The amount rewards Samsung with a market share of two percent. And most of the smartphone market is reportedly dominated by affordable valuable device models. Strategy Analytics called that the globally shipment of smartphones reached 275 million units during Q1 2020.

In addition, through an online workshop titled “Get Through This Together With Galaxy S20, Samsung Electronics Indonesia strives to share their experiences using the Galaxy S20 series smartphones.

In this event, Dian Sastrowardoyo as a representative of Team Galaxy shares her experience in creating content that can inspire people to stay positive, and share stories aimed at encouraging others.

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