Sharp Bring the Lightest Smartphone With 240Hz screen

Last February, PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia decided to re-jazz the smartphone market in Indonesia, because of the high interest of Indonesian people. But the presented is Sharp Aquos V, with a combination of unique specifications, using the Snapdragon 835 release chipset 2017. In order not to miss, Sharp carries two other types of smartphones that are arguably very premium, namely Sharp Aquos Zero 2 and Aquos R3.

Both are sold at a flagship price, as well as targeting different types of users. Sharp Aquos Zero 2 has an advanced screen and becomes the lightest smartphone in the world, targeting the gamers segment. While the Aquos R3 series is aimed at creators and professional content that requires the best color display.

Ardy, AUVI Product Strategy Assitant General Manager, Sharp Indonesia describes the potential of Indonesia’s very high smartphone market, reaching 3-4 million sales units per month. The amount is much higher when compared to a TV product that is located 2 million units per year.

Sharp Aquos Zero 2 We are a boy to Indonesia as one of the flagship smart phone products owned by Sharp, equipped with the best specifications in the world, we are confident to give another color in Indonesia market,” said Ardy that we quoted from

Advantages of Duo Sharp Aquos Zero 2 & Aquos R3
Sharp Aquos Zero 2 was first introduced in its home country since September last year. So it is natural if the chipset used is not the most recent, yet powerful enough that is Snapdragon 855. Paired with 8GB RAM as well as 256GB of internal storage. So why is this smartphone featured for gaming needs? It is because it has a 6.4 inch OLED display that has a refresh rate of up to 240Hz.

The screen with full HD + resolution has a slightly curved edge, adding a premium impression. Mobile game activists will continue to be comfortable playing thanks to a total weight of only 143 grams, where other smartphones are now generally in the range approaching 200 grams. The battery capacity is quite small at 3.130 mAh, but Sharp provides a Parallel Charging System technology. The technology allows users to play while charging without the need to fear heat or overheat.

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