Skelattack The Latest Konami Game

A few days ago, Konami surprised the gaming world by launching the premiere trailer of the latest Skelattack game. A simple game with a two-dimensional visual approach. An unusual move from a large studio many spawned popular games with captivating visualizations.

Skelattack is not a pure creation of Konami. The Japanese company is only responsible as a publisher only. While the development of Skellattack was done by Uzuka. A game developer in San Francisco, USA. Konami cooperates with Uzuka in an effort to expand the gaming market through different game modes in different parts of the world.

The presence of the Skelattack konami game was counted just sliding for the Nintendo Switch only. Although Konami ultimately makes this game available on all other platforms, such as Playstation 4, Xbox One, until the PC. So the chances of gamers to play this game are wide open.

Skelattack dwell on the dead story of the Underworld. The Underworld is home to the dead. The environment in the Underworld is very diverse and unique. Sometimes there are fun places, while in other parts of the world are creepy and overcome by deadly magic spells.

The Underworld encircles a place called Aftervale. The place was a kind of liaison for the dead to spend immortality while remembering the moments when they lived. But the moment of the warning is broken when the man from the top invades the place and steals Elzedon, the elder skeleton that has the spirit of the Blue Fame. Without it, Aftervale does not mean any more.

This is the case of the Underworld, Skully. His duties were clear, restoring the Blue Fame’s presence so that the dead could still remember their happy moments in Aftervale. A simple theme that’s as easy to understand anyone.

And a row of it is also gameplay in Skelattack. Jump, Slash, glide between the Underworld and the human world will be done by Skully. Accompanied by a small bat named Imber, to shoulder each other’s shoulders to defeat the enemies encountered during the adventure. While trying to stop the invasion from human circles to the Underworld.

Typical games like Skelattack are indeed lightly playable. The two-dimensional visuals make the direction of travel also uncomplicated – very complicated. Gamers simply follow the direction the enemy is in, and instantly the direction of the game is determined.

And again. Konami’s choice to support a developer like Ukuza is a strategic step in expanding the game in the wider direction. Moreover, Konami has not had the AAA games in the 2020 release list.

Castlevania and Yu-Gi-Oh become other names that Konami has in order to reach their gaming market.

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