The World’s Best-Selling Portable Monitor

Based on data from market research firm HIS Markit, Asus vendors claim that their portable monitor products are the best selling in the world. The Asus ZenScreen Portable Monitor contributes about 64 percent of global shipments from one quarter to third quarter in 2019.

This success explained by HIS Markit Party A form of understanding the consumer market regarding portable monitor products. Asus itself has already released this series of products since 2013.

The first product of Asus ZenScreen in 2013 was the MB168B series that used USB connectivity. Then in the year 2016 was released MB169C + series which is the world’s first portable monitor with USB-C connectivity.

In the year 2017 Asus released a new portable monitor product, the first ZenScreen MB16Ac carrying FHD resolution with a sleek design and lightweight 15.6 inch screen size. Here are two types of connectivity: USB-C and USB-A.

In the next year Asus ZenScreen retains a thin and lightweight design by introducing ZenScreen Go MB16AP. Not only is the world’s slimmest portable monitor, it is also embedded with a built-in battery that can be recharged.

This built-in battery feature increasingly makes Asus ZenScreen portable monitors capable of up to 2019 ZenScreen Touch Products MB16AMT adding touch screen features.

Asus claimed that in the year 2020 delivery of its potable monitor products would be a natural addition of 27 percent. This product is called very best selling in retail markets of America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Consumers are rated increasingly aware of the productivity provided by portable monitor devices. Various types of professional activities can be fulfilled with this device including photographers who want to edit photos in more detail.

Most recent, Asus is also targeting gaming segments through portable monitors dedicated to those segments. Asus introduces the ROG Strix XG17 series to have a 17.3-inch FHD size with a 240Hz refresh rate and a 3ms response time.

So this portable monitor has the performance of gaming monitors. The weight of Asus ROG Strix XG17 is only 1kg with a built-in battery that can last up to 3.5 hours and fast charging for 120 minutes of use with only one hour of charging.

The gaming portable Monitor Asus ROG Strix XG17 also already has stereo speakers and features a tripod for user comfort. On the connectivity side, these portable gaming monitors can connect to laptops, even consoles and smartphones.

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