TikTok Now Has a New competitor

TikTok now has a new competitor titled Zynn, carrying features almost similar to TikTok. But Zynn carries with the main difference when compared to TikTok that the application pays users to enjoy the video on its service.

The application offers a number of functions, currently a new video watch function, but Zynn claims to bring other functions in the near term. The Verge reported that the app was launched in the beginning of last May, and has now become the number one app in the Apple App Store and is listed in the top 10 apps list in the Google Play Store.

Zynn is called as cloning of TikTok, as it carries the identical core functions. And both of these applications are function-oriented to enjoy the video in short duration and portrait oriented.

The main difference lies in the time Countdown tool with the dollar icon at the center, which hovers over every video on Zynn. While watching the video, this timer tool is populated and gives the user points.

These points can be redeemed users in the later days as cash or gift cards. A number of YouTube users reportedly uploaded videos showing the payment receipts they received after watching a certain number of videos on Zynn.

Meanwhile, The Information reported that Zynn was an extension of the video application competition in China. Creator Zynn, Kuaishou, is a Bik’s financial support startup that runs one of the largest video apps in China.

Zynn occupies the position of the second most popular video app in China, after Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. The Information report reveals that Kuaishou used the same technique by paying the video audience in his application to be able to grow in China, and earn revenue from advertising.

Kuaishou recently received an investment worth USD2 billion from Tencent, the Chinese technology giant company behind WeChat. Last December, The Information reported that the investment was aimed at helping Tencent deal with the security of ByteDance, via TikTok and Douyin.

The Kuaishou expansion to the United States was expected to support the goal, and Tencent used the same strategy to confront Tiktok and find a place for its application in the market.

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