Ubisoft Required Google and Apple to Remove Game Area F2

Ubisoft required Google and Apple removed the game Area F2. The Game of Alibaba is considered to plagiarize Rainbow Six Siege, from the gameplay, to the menu display

Some time ago came to the surface of a game titled Area F2, which was promoted as the first FPS game for CQB (Close-Quarter Battle) on mobile. For mobile gamers, Area F2 may look innovative with a fresh concept. But PC gamers certainly already understand that this is a clone of the mobile version of the CQB FPS of Ubisoft, Rainbow Six Siege.

Responding to this, Ubisoft was fast-paced, and reportedly demanding Google and Apple to remove this game from their respective Application Store. Quoting from Bloomberg, Ubisoft said that the Area F2 created by the part of Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd, Ejoy.com, imitates Rainbow Six Siege in its all-out file given to the Federal court in Los Angeles.

Still from Bloomberg, Ubisoft has reportedly talked about this to Apple and Google before it demands. Ubisoft said the game infringes the Rainbow Six Siege Copyright to Apple and Google, but they refuse to remove the game from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

“R6S is one of the most popular competitive multiplayer games in the world, and one of Ubisoft’s most valuable intellectual properties. Virtually, the F2 Area mimics almost all aspects of R6S, from the main menu, the operator Selection menu, the end menu to the score announcement, and almost everything in between. “Ubisoft said to Bloomberg.

Indeed visually, Area F2 can be said to fully emulate R6S. As Ubisoft, the clone is done starting from the main menu, the game mechanics, even until the final part of the score announcement. The impersonation is arguably almost 90%, with little or no difference from the game based on Tom Clancy’s novel.

To date, Rainbow Six Siege is still one of Ubisoft’s most successful games. R6S has produced a billion US dollars (around USD 242 billion) since the 2015 release, which was obtained through game purchases, as well as microtransactions for operators, skins, and so on.

Meanwhile the new F2 Area releases April 16, 2020, which can be downloaded and played for free via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In the release, the game has gained considerable attention, as it actively conducts promotions on social media channels through digital advertising.

Regarding prosecution, Apple and Google are still not providing comments to date. If Ubisoft wins this claim, it is not known if the Area F2 will be completely lost, or simply change its name and display design only.

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