Xiaomi Find Factories That Produce Counterfeit Devices

Xiaomi has found a factory that specializes in producing and selling fake Bluetooth Mi earphones.

Xiaomi’s legal team has announced a criminal arrest that specializes in producing and selling fake Bluetooth Mi earphones. Reported from Gizmochina (22/5), the legal team revealed that they had received a report in last March and then found an online shopping platform that sells a large number of fake Bluetooth Mi earphones.

The company hinted that they were in action with the help of security forces, and were able to track the production base of the fake Mi earphones at an industrial site in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province in April. The team also revealed that some products had been fully manufactured, and some were still in production when the team invaded the factory.

It is known that there are more than 1000 units of fake Bluetooth Mi earphones, which are packaged in a box similar to the original product. Xiaomi will also look for legal ways for those perpetrators. Meanwhile, the popularity of Xiaomi products has made the person create counterfeit goods to take advantage of the brand. Even there are team reports also finding fake Xiaomi smartphones and other products at the factory.

Apparently counterfeit products are not just a problem in China, but in India there are also similar problems. It was revealed that in December 2019, there were counterfeit Xiaomi products worth more than USD 18,000 that were seized at the Delhi Gaffar market in India.

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