Xiaomi Mi 10, When Performance and Luxury Become One

Xiaomi’s consumer wait in Indonesia for the last few years has finally been missed. In the beginning of last May, they officially announced the Mi 10. Yes, this is the flagship smartphone, which during this time was awaited by the Mi Fans. It refers to the question of when the presence of a premium class Mi variant, which is always filled by REDMI.

Once the Indonesian family of noodles entered Indonesia, its class was not unlike REDMI, such as Mi 4i and Mi 8 Lite, and the latter was Mi Note 10. Mi 10 comes with a myriad of new technologies, including Qualcomm’s technology announced at the end of the year 2019. This means Mi 10 is arguably one of the most advanced smartphones ever made.

Luxury Design and color

Once opened and removed from the box, Xiaomi Mi 10 is indeed the premium look of the edge concept on the back and front side. Forget comparing it to the REDMI variant, whatever the series. The body of Mi 10 arguably has the best luxury design look Xiaomi has ever created, coupled with color elements that make sure to stay elegant.

Our test Unit embeds the color of Twilight Grey, which can reflect light. If viewed more thoroughly, Twilight Grey provides a color palette close to grey, from bright to dark.

On this back body you can see four rear cameras, with one camera lens that has a separate frame. On the highest-capability camera components There is a special groove.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 front screen measures 6.7 inches using the Super AMOLED panel and a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels. The screen to body ratio reaches 89.8 percent, making it fit into one smartphone with a bezel-less concept. This screen has also been layered Corning Gorilla Glass 5, while in performance it supports the refresh rate of 90Hz.

Ample screen can become wider with a model pony punch hole, which means there is a special place for the front camera that does not stick to the top screen frame. This gives the impression of a broader usage experience, as the front camera does not take up space on the screen.

When held, it feels quite large and has weights. This sturdy impression is also felt from the back body and side edges that tend to be thin on the left and right, as well as enlarged above and below. One drawback I saw was that the back body was too shiny and the material easily stuck to the fingerprints.

Needless to worry, in the Xiaomi Mi 10 sales Package There is a built-in protective case, which can actually have better quality than the REDMI clump. On the other hand, this pretty interesting color element deserves to be exhibited when put on a table. Switching to the interface, Xiaomi Mi 10 is arguably simpler than any competitor product.

You no longer find the SIM card slot on the left or right edge, as it is now attached to the bottom side, next to the USB-C port and speaker holes. Instead, it does not provide a 3.5 mm audio jack.

Although it feels less comfortable for some consumers, Xiaomi seems to want to point out that it is currently preferred using wireless earphones. Uniquely, this speaker hole is also available on the opposite side. This position is appropriate to enhance the gaming experience.

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