Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Officially Launched

Xiaomi officially launches its latest smart bracelet, Mi Band 5 for the market in China. Xiaomi’s latest smart bracelet has improved software capabilities, NFC features, more accurate readings, and voice commands.

There are two variants of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 which launched Xiaomi in China, one has the technology feature near Field Communication (NFC), and one does not.

In addition to the differences in NFC features, they carry similar specifications, such as the 1.1-inch AMOLED display. The screen size is larger than the previous output Mi Band, 0.95 inches.

Implementation of NFC usage in Xiaomi Mi Band 5 among others is used for cashless (non-cash) payments.

The sensors embedded in the Mi Band 5 also did not change much from its predecessor, such as the accelerometer, heart rate monitor, barometer, and gyroscope.

However, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 now comes with upgraded software, and there are 11 professional modes to choose from.

The Mode provides a more detailed and precise reading. For example, the ability to detect five different types of swimming styles automatically. This smart bracelet itself has a resistance of up to 50 meters underwater.

There is also a PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) score that can predict how much impact the sport uses by Mi Band to the fitness of its users.

The ability to monitor the heart rate in Mi Band 5 has also improved Xiaomi, which is now claimed to be higher and equals the reading of Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor.

Xiaomi also includes the Voice assistant feature in Mi Band 5. Users can chat with this smart bracelet to run certain commands. The implementation for territories outside of China is not yet known.

For battery Affairs, compiled from the GSM Arena on Friday (12/6/2020), the battery of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is claimed to last up to 14 days. The battery charge now uses the magnetic field on the back of Mi Band 5.

For the price, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 non-NFC version was sold in China with price official 189 Yuan (equivalent Rp 380,000). While the price of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 NFC version is priced at 229 Yuan (Rp 460,000). Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is sold in the Chinese market starting June 18.

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